New trike

chariot paramoteur léger monoplace

A robust single seater trike, easy to assemble and disassemble, ready to be fit with the engine of your choice. The cage, consisting of 5 parts and the chassis offer excellent protection for the pilot and the propeller. Thrust control by accelerator handle, just as for your normal foot-start back pack PPG. The electric starter is controlled using a separate switch. A disc brake on the front wheel, operated by foot, ensures safe braking.

chariot paraplane paraplane monoplace
paraplane chariot paramoteur monoplace




Price for trike only (excluding engine and transport to destination): 4,630 € incl. VAT
Customizable color for frame and harness as option: 150 € incl. VAT

paraplane en remorque

Additional trailer hitch, for short trips between your home and the airfield.

chariot monoplace