Titanox Paramotor and Y.E.S.90 motor

moteur HE gn90

paramoteur Mikalight avec moteur HE gn90



After one year of research and development, our new European made engine is finally out to give you wings. Yves has put his experience to the service of different European specialists to design an engine which lives up to all of his expectations. The plan was to obtain an ultra-light, low-noise engine capable to guarantee increased reliability for long time flying. The risk of emergency landings due to unforeseen failure is largely eliminated. This way the pilot has 100% confidence in his material and enjoys relaxed flying.

- the cylinder and piston, made by Athena, as well as the Walbro carburetor have already proven reliable over the past years and therefore made their way into this new engine

- The cylinder block has been entirely revised and a belt-driven reduction gear replaces pinions and oil sump. For reliability reasons, the centrifugal clutch has undergone a slight redesign, and remains part of the transmission ensuring the pilot's security.

- With the goal of noise reduction in mind throughout the entire redesign process, the outcome is impressive. The YES series engines are now part of the most silent currently available PPG engines.

- Finally talking about efficiency, the fuel consumption has been reduced to approximately 2 to 2 1/2 liters per hour, depending on wing size and pilot's weight.


The Titanox frame

In order to propose a homogeneous concept for PPG pilots and to be perfectly adapted to the new engine, the frame has undergone some modifications. After thorough testing of different materials and design concepts, only the best ideas have made their way into the redesign:

- A main frame made of stainless steel, a lightweight, vibration-resistant material which can also very easily be repaired using today's welding equipment

- A cage rim made of titanium, material renown for its ultra light weight combined with exceptional flexibility The outcome of all these efforts materializes in the all new YES series Titanox engines.
The YES 90 weighs only 20,8 kg ready to fly (including harness and carbon fiber propeller, excluding fuel).


frame and cage
stainless steel frame with rigid titanium cage, can be disassembled

90 cm3
centrifugal clutch
manual pull starter

weight: 20.8kg (assembled, without fuel)
thrust: 51-54kg depending on propeller size (Ø 115-125-130 cm)

fuel consumption: approx. 2 - 2.5 l/h, depending on propeller size, pilot weight and wing.
Fuel tank: 12-13l

recommended pilot's weight: up to 90kg