Yves and Michael Hélary, paramotor flight instructors

Yves and Mika Hélary

The D'Yves Air Pub flight school's team consists of 2 paramotor flight instructors. Over the years, Yves has become a key figure in the paramotor world, also known as "the Guru". He can rely on the very solid experience, acquired since the beginning of his activity, for the conception and continuous improvement of his PPG frames and chassis, the choice of engines and last but not least, the choice of wings best adapted to each pilot.
Michael, his son is the second flight instructor working side by side with his father to get new pilots-to-be safely in the air.


Francis cormon, paramotor 'powered' aerial photographer

Francis Cormon

Pilot since 2000 and already at this point in time experienced photographer, Francis has come to combine the two activities. Today, he has more than 1000 flights on the counter and some 60000 aerial photographs on the hard disk. Benefiting from his experience and numerous flights, Francis is the team's long-term test pilot for Mikalight GN80 and later the GN90 engines. With this pilot, the engines have to prove their reliability during flights in all possible (and sometimes impossible) conditions. The cadence and never ending flow of new images on his website is the best proof of the reliability of the GN80 and GN90 engines.