Paramotor frames and harnesses

Stainless steel frame and cage consisting of three units, quick and easy to assemble and disassemble


A very lightweight frame with a particularly rigid stainless steel cage. Safe and easy forward launches even with turning propeller due to the rigidity of the cage. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly. If you transport your paramotor using a trailer hitch base on the back of your car, this frame is the first choice, resistant and easy to clean.


Stainless steel frame with completely removable fiberglass cage.

Frame including cage and cross-ties starting at 1500 € incl. VAT




The ideal frame for air travel or transport in small cars. Even though light weight, the required rigidity for safe forward launches is preserved. Assembly taking a little longer though, compared to the frame with stainless steel cage.

NEW, both types of cages, fiberglass or stainless steel can be fixed to the same base frame, leaving you the choice.


The Mikalight PPG harness

Harness featuring high hang points for a stable flight and rigid bars for thrust transmission.
The ideal configuration for aerial photography.

Frame starting at 1500 € incl. VAT