Yves' and Mika's paramotor wing recommendations


aile Apco Thrust HP 09

The Apco Force (or Thrust) 09 HP, featuring a large speed range is perfect for powered paragliding.

The Apco Thrust is an exceptionnally performant, yet easy to handle wing. This wing features a semi-reflex profile that allows very low or exceptionally high speeds. Depending on the setting of the trims, smooth takeoffs and landings as well as comfortable speed during navigation with low fuel consumption can be achieved. When using the accelerator bar, no other wing of this category and only some wings of higher categories will be able to follow. With its wide speed range, this wing is best used for trekking and aerial photography.


ITV Boxer

The ITV Boxer, a well-balanced paramotor wing, ideal for all styles from easy to fun riding.

take a look:

This wing has been developed especially with powered paragliding in mind, the semi-reflex profile grants a perfect compromise between speed, maneuverability, stability even in turbulent air and engine power requirements. A wing appropriate for all, from novice to experienced pilots.

ITV Boxer

ITV Boxer

L'aile ITV Dolpo

aile itv dolpo

The ITV Dolpo, a wing for both, paramotor and paragliding.

A very solid and easy to launch wing featuring playful yet precise commands. This wing can be used for paramotoring, as well as for paragliding. A perfect choice for beginners.

aile paramoteur ITV Dolpo

Aile ITV Dolpo bleue

aile itv pawnee